Investing in  people and their abilities is more beneficial than the returns from investing in the business world... and have even more meaning
Xoliswa Sithole - founder of NayaNaya Trust

Our Mission

What we are striving for.

Nayanaya Trust’s mission is to create social change in communities through empowering young women in all communities.

We want to  enhannce human interactions and relationships transform cultural and social institutions over time, having a profound impact of society.

Our Vision

How we are striving to do so

We empower young people through building their confidence, supporting them to find their voices both in front of and behind the camera to tell their stories. We believe in advancement of thinking and want to always try fit new ideas and develop career skills, and drive social change through the power of storytelling and filmmaking.

Our Values

Collect Fund All Over the World

We are committed to social change.

We drive for empowerment.

We bring diversity & Inclusion.

Introducing Innovations.

Introducing the  Naya-Naya Trust & Its Objectives

Creating social change in communities through empowering young women and girls.

Nayanaya Trust is a non-profit company founded in 2013. Its purpose it to create social change in communities through empowering young women. Through a combination of training, capacity development, mentoring and support, Nayanaya Trust offers a bespoke journey of empowerment for young people on the margins of society to find their voice and leadership potential as agents of change in their communities and society at large.

Our Origins

Story telling through filmmaking as activism

Young women are the drivers of Nayanaya’s programs. So far, we have mentored, trained and upskilled 150 young women, some of whom have become agents of change in their communities and are up and coming in the film industry.

Our primary focus population is young women from previously disadvantaged backgrounds who need upskilling and help with finding their VOICE. The work we do includes motivating young people who are interested in pursuing filmmaking through workshops and targeted practical filmmaking by creating projects they can participate in where they are mentored.

Our model of empowerment includes confidence building, which assists the young women to pursue their passions.

Graça Machel Foundation, and the Oprah Winfrey School for Girls. For her craft, Xoliswa has been invited to showcase her films at numerous events, and to speak about her work at social, political, educational institutions in Europe, America, Asia and across the African continent.

As the Executive Director of Nayanaya Trust, Xoliswa has curated film festivals amongst them the UNiTE to End Violence Against Women Film Festival (2011/2012) and the Yanaya Gender Festival, Dialogue & Workshops (2015-2021) and through the Trust has mentored and developed the skills and confidence of over 150 young African women and children from disadvantaged and marginalized communities to tell their stories, both in front of and behind the camera and in so doing be agents of change within their communities

Who we are?

We tend to make our world a safer place for people

One of contemporary Africa’s most prominent writers, Chimamanda Ngozi, says

How [stories] are told, who tells them, when they’re told, how many stories are told — are really dependent on power”.

At Nayanaya, we believe that gender equality will be achieved not only when women and girls are equitably represented in societal institutions and spaces, but when they too get to tell the stories of their societies and nations, regardless of their social class, race, ability, sexual orientation or gender and other identities. Transformative social change is possible when women and girls are part of shaping the lenses through which humanity is perceived, and their voices become an integral part of the ecosystem of agents shaping visions of the future of our societies.

At Nayanaya, we believe in the power of stories to make visible things that would otherwise be rendered invisible. We believe in the power of stories to move, heal, empower not only the receiver but the one telling the story. Stories have the power to build communities, to build new possibilities from which a just world can be manifested. As such, we want to mobilise the power of storytelling, through film, for the empowerment of young women in a world where despite the activisms of young women across the world, societies still marginalize their voices and perspectives, especially those young women from poor communities and whose identities are considered outside the norm in society.

Who are we working with?

These are the people who help shape our vision & explore our potential.

9+Years of activity history
300+Communities Supported
12KAnnual Visitors
15M+Successfully Raised

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